How to Contribute to the Compatibility List

If anyone wishes to contribute to this list (and I hope people will) then please send me an e-mail telling me about the game you have tested, a screenshot or two.


I am working on an automatic submission script for the site which will eventually include a database so that all submissions are instantly stored ready for adding to the list by a simple click of the mouse (I will verify all submissions first and then tell the database to add entries to the list as I confirm them as being correct).

This is quite an ambitious task as this is the first script I have ever written and around 3 hours ago I wasnt even able to process a form in perl (I had no idea).  Still im confident that it will happen so much that you are welcome to see how the basic script is going to behave.

The Alpha version of the script can be accessed here.  Obviously there is no database yet but otherwise this is more or less what the first version of the script will be like.
Bear in mind this is around 3 hours work (while learning how perl works all the time) from around 5am to 8am so by no means is the best I could achieve.  Im quite pleased with the results considering im dying from lack of sleep now - lol.

If you have any ideas then please feel free to let me know.

Screenshots are taken by pressing F9, these will be saved into the snapshots folder where you have SSF installed. Please convert these to JPEGs in high quality before e-mailing them to me as other file formats tend to be large or grainy and the whole point of the screenshots is for them to represent as close as possible to the EXACT quality of SSF. If you cant convert them to JPEG then e-mail me first so that I know what to expect in my mailbox. The last thing I want is 6MB of snapshots in my e-mail when im not expecting them. Please also dont forget to mention which version of SSF you are using, what country the Satun game was designed to run in and also which BIOS you are using, when sending information.
You will be credited for your help on the page of the game you sent info about or you may remain anonymous if you wish so.

Identifying the country that the game was designed to run in:

This is most easily identified on the CD such as "For use with PAL and French Secam Sega Saturn Systems" for European games. This is important as some games may differ in compatibility between regions.

It is not necessary to send me your computers specifications as SSF runs entirely in software mode (no 3D acceleration) so should run on any PC without problems.

If you are running Windows 95 or Windows NT then please DON'T send me problems with SSF as its already been noted that SSF is only designed for Windows 98 or Windows ME.

The link to the SSF homepage can be found on the links page.

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