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Tested on



Clockwork Knight(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
NiGHTS into Dreams(EUJ) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Sega Rally(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
True Pinball(E) Alpha 0.08R4 *** 14/01/07
Sega Worldwide Soccer 97(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Sonic R(EU) Alpha 0.08R4 *** 14/01/07
Sonic Jam(EU) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Theme Park(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Digital Pinball(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Virtua Fighter 2(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Worms(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
NiGHTS: Christmas(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Panzer Dragoon(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Panzer Dragoon Zwei(E) Alpha 0.08R4 ***** 14/01/07
Burning Rangers() Alpha 0.06 ***** 08/03/02

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E = European, U = United States, J = Japanese.


- Runs perfectly with no noticable graphical errors
- Runs with graphical errors, missing cutscenes or other minor errors
- Serious graphical errors which may make the title unplayable
- The game crashes or exits SSF with an error message
- Crashes SSF & Windows doesnt respond anymore

Games with a 5 star rating may still contain glitches such as audio problems in videos but it will not be anything that affects in-game.

All games tested after 2007 were tested using High Compatibility settings in Option, Option, EZ Setting, Highest Compatibility. These settings were found to be sufficient to run in full speed on an Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 using DDR2 533Mhz RAM and a GeForce 8800GTS with CPU power to spare. Most games also ran fine with only DDR 400Mhz RAM and a GeForce 6600GT. Your mileage may vary.

Some information contained in this list was submitted by visitors. While every attempt is made to verify the accuracy of entries in the list I cannot guarantee that the emulators or games will perform the same on all PCs.

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