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1st April 2008 - New Version of SSF & NiGHTS on Playstation 2 by Admin

This is no April fool. SSF 0.09 Beta was released on 30th March 2008.

I have not yet had the chance to test it other than checking it starts up correctly, which it does. It will be interesting to see if the problem of NiGHTS no longer running full speed on 0.09 has been fixed.

NiGHTS on Playstation 2.

In other news, if you do not know already NiGHTS has been ported to the PS2 in Japan. I have been able to test this version and can say it works pretty nicely with the PS2 pad and the improved graphics are MUCH easier on the eyes. (you can also choose the classic Saturn graphics version from the main menu)

Its a shame this isn't being released outside Japan especially as it would be nice on the Wii or even Xbox 360. I am not a big fan of running a PS2 on my high definition TV.

3rd May 2007 - NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, coming to a Nintendo Wii near you! by Admin

Coming to Nintendo Wii holiday season 2007!

3rd May 2007 - SSF 0.08 Alpha R9 - NiGHTS Perfection by Admin

Just in time for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams announced a matter of weeks ago for the Nintendo Wii, we now have perfect emulation of the original version of the Saturn classic courtesy of SSF 0.08 Alpha R9.  Older versions of SSF may also work but I hadn't checked since R4.

Yes, the sound glitches seem to be fixed and whats more - analog support works too now.  The only glitch remaining is the intro video being out of sync with the audio, this has no real implications on the game. If you want to try it, go into the Option menu, select Option then Controller.  Choose Direct Connect and Mission Stick.  You have to define the X and Y axis by moving your PC controllers analog stick in the relevant axis (that's left or right for the X axis, up or down for Y) and then press the buttons you want to map to each Saturn button.

I highly recommend the Xbox 360 wired or wireless (requires the wireless adapter for PC) adapter.  The only glitch I have seen is slight movement of the cursor on the Christmas NiGHTS select a present screen, its not noticable at in in-game.  Controlling NiGHTS is as fluid as it ever was but with a more comfortable controller.

Oh and for the record, I am happily running SSF on Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit.

29th January 2007 - FAQ Updated by Admin

I have updated the Saturn Emulation FAQ on the site.

The biggest update is details on how to install and configure the current version of SSF.  Also sections related to Giri Giri have been removed as its a dead emulator and pales besides SSF now.

If you have struggled getting SSF to work then check out the new FAQ and let me know if you have any problems.

15th January 2007 - New translation for SSF website. by Admin

Just a quick update to let everyone know you can get an english translation of the SSF website via Google as WorldLingo and Babelfish seem to be malfunctioning, at least with this particular site.

I will update the links page shortly with the translation URL.

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Tips for new users of Saturn Emulators:

1 - If you dont already own some Saturn games then theres not much point trying the emulators unless you are REALLY interested in Saturn emulation.

2 - Read the Saturn Emulation FAQ thoroughly BEFORE trying to get SSF or Giri Giri working - this will guide you through the first steps. Anyone e-mailing me without following these steps will likely get a harsh reply though if you notice a mistake in the FAQ please let me know.

3 - Visit the Message Boards to see if anyone else as mentioned any current issues you need to be aware of when trying to get the emulators to work. Issues not covered in the FAQ will be addressed in here. Please post any questions you have in here as I dont have the time to reply via e-mail and theres a lot more people who will see your query than if you sent an e-mail to me directly.

4 - Try the emulators.  If you are using Windows NT/2000 or XP then make sure you have the Adaptec ASPI layer installed..

Optionally if you still have problems that arnt solved with any of the above then feel free to join the Yahoo Club as occasionally there are people in there that arnt in the message board.

If you arnt already a member of Yahoo I suggest you stick with the message boards or the CSD Club as Yahoo tend to send a lot of junk e-mails to people whereas the message board and CSD Club do not.

I am not connected to the SSF, Giri Giri or Satourne projects in any way.
Please dont ask me if SSF is going to be updated again or when the next version of Giri Giri is coming as I do not know the answer to these questions. Anything I DO know will be either in the message board or elsewhere on this site.

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